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1. Favorite Dragonforce song?
Dafuqs dragonforce... 'looks up on google'... OH THEM! Through the flames and fire... DUHHHHHHHH.

2. Favorite canceled game?
Oh god... so many... 
Probably Banjo-Threeie.

3. Favorite YouTuber?
Ima have to change this.

3. Favorite YouTuber(s)?

Jontron, Caddicarus, PBG, JoshJepson + Attacking Tucans, ReviewTechUSA, MatPat + Game Theorists, Jirard the Completionist , Oh and supermarioglitchy4, Click that name and watch those videos, hilarious xD

4. Hardest game you have beaten?
This isn't the hardest game I've ever beaten but because of the GOD DAM SPIDER BALL GUARDIAN IT HAS TO BE METROID PRIME 2 FFS.

On that note, no one can complete the water temple on OOT without the internet, or a guide of some sort. LEGIT RESEARCH SHIT.

5. Funniest video
So many videos, I can't choose so all I can say is... supermarioglitchy4 CLICK IT.
Oh and uncut Dragon Ball with your mates is hilarious too! 

6. Favorite GameCube game?
Sadly I grew up with a PS2 so I've only 4 months ago got a GameCube. I haven't played Resi 4, Monkey ball 1/2, Mario sunshine, Sonic Adventure 1/2, Windwaker.
So this is kinda biased, but I'm gonna have to go with Prime 1

7. Most Wanted 64DD game?

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United Kingdom
Righty then, My name is Seb and i just love doing art, digital as you can see, although I do drawings too. I like Kirby as you can see and I'm a gamer, a big gamer, a big big big gamer, well yer. Especially retro stuff. I love my N64 and all ;D. But that's about me, I also like lemons. And I also like some Zelda and Metroid (primy) In my mix too! that's about it :P

KD out


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